Beautiful passage on the testimony of faith

Ibn Al-Qayyim said about the testimony of faith in a passage from the book زاد المعاد, “It is a declaration upon which the Heavens and the Earth are established, and for which the whole of the creation was created, and for which Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) sent messengers, revealed books, and prescribed divine laws. Because of it, the scales and the registers were set up, as were paradise and hellfire. Due to it, the creation was divided into believers and non-believers, righteous and wicked. It is the root cause for there being creation, commands, rewards and punishments. It is the right for which the creation was created, and about it and its rights will they be questioned and brought into account. Because of it, there is punishment and reward. Due to it, the direction of prayer (qiblah) was set up. Upon it rest the very foundation of the religion, and because of it, swords are drawn for striving and fighting (جهاد) in the way of Allah. It is the right of Allah over His slaves, the declaration of Islam, and the key to paradise. About it, both the early and the later people will be questioned. Indeed no person will stand before Allah without being asked 2 questions, “What did you worship?”, and “How did you respond to the messengers?”. The reply to the first is by the realisation of “la ilaaha illa Allah”, knowing it, affirming it and acting by it. The reply to the second is the realisation of “Muhammad Rasool Allah”, knowing it, complying with it, and being obedient to it.”

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