Do Something Great This Eid

As Eid approaches us very fast, many of us start to think and plan what we want to do on this joyous occasion. We think about how we can make this occasion more special than before and enjoy it to the best way possible. The wise ones among us also think about how they can make this day a great day not just for ourselves, but also for our loved ones around us, as by that we gain more reward, and their happiness and pleasure will only increase in our happiness and pleasure.

The individuals that deserve the most from us are our parents as their rights over us are countless, and we know we can never repay them back but we strive to please them and be good to them as best as we can. From the things that I feel would put a smile to our parents is to buy them a present this Eid. Every Eid we have been receiving gifts from our parents, but have we ever thought of giving them something back? It is a very sad state that nowadays many of us expect that we should only receive from our parents and that we should not have to give them, when in fact it should be the opposite. When we were small, they looked after us and raised us and wanted the best for us. If I want to carry on talking about what they have done for us then I will never stop writing, but I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with what they have done for us, and now that we have matured and reached an age where we can look after ourselves, it is time for us to give something back to our parents.

Things which we unexpectedly receive are the things that we tend to remember the most and appreciate more as they came out of nowhere and had a positive impact on us. Therefore what I am advising you to do is to go and buy a decent present for your parents and surprise them with it because that will surely make them pleased with you. When buying a present for them, don’t just get something normal, but buy something that when they receive it, they will know you went the extra mile to get it for them, whether that be digging deeper in your pocket or thinking harder in getting something unique, and they will undoubtedly appreciate that. If you are a heartless person and the smile that you will put on your parents’ faces is not enough to emotionally move you and motivate you to do this, then at least think of the magnificent reward you will receive from Allah by doing so!!!

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