A man who remembered Allah in private and his eyes shed tears

Shedding tears out of remembrance of Allah (SWT) is not a very easy thing to do and is not something that anyone can do, which is why it is one of the characteristics required to achieve Allah’s (SWT) shade on a day where there will be no shade but His. This action can only happen if you really know Allah (SWT) and understand His blessings upon you, as well as what He is capable of doing.

When pondering upon Allah’s (SWT) blessings upon us, we realise how numerous they are and how undeserving we are of these blessings. If you wronged a human in this world and this person didn’t mention this to anyone else, and on top of that, when you needed their help, they were always there to help you even if you didn’t ask for it, how would your reaction be to this person? How would your reaction be to someone who your evils are to Him ascending, while His blessings are to you descending? He is good to you when He is in no need of you, while you are bad to him when you are in full need of Him. All of your wrongdoings don’t stop Him from looking after you, and all of His assistance, blessings, care, etc don’t stop you from sinning against Him. All of the needs of the creation are in His hands and He is the most generous. He gives you more than what you need before you even ask Him, and He accepts and grows the small deeds you have, while forgiving and erasing the great sins you commit. Everyone in the world asks Him for help and that doesn’t stop Him from seeing to your needs every moment of your life. He loves to be asked and is angry at the ones who do not ask. He is shy to turn away a slave who asks for His help, while you are never shy to sin against Him in public and private. He guards your sins while you expose them to everyone else. He called you to His blessings, assistance and content with you, while you refused, so He sent the messengers (عليهم السلام) to show you the way and you refused, so He comes down to the lowest sky in the last third of every night to tell you to ask for forgiveness and help, yet you refuse.

Every human in this world, when they help you, it is for a reason that will bring benefit to them whether in this life or the hereafter, and if they knew that their help to you doesn’t bring them any benefit then they will surely not help you. However, when it comes to Allah’s (SWT) help, He helps you so that you benefit. He gives you strength so you do good and when you do good, He rewards you by multiplying your deeds, while when you sin, He only counts it as one sin. Every person in this world who loves you, loves you for themselves, while Allah (SWT) loves you for your sake.

This is the reality of our relationship with Allah (SWT), and when you look at this relationship, you realise how unjust you have been to Allah (SWT) and this is the feeling that should make you not only shed tears, but cry rivers when you remember Allah (SWT).  We all should sit down by ourselves every day and remember how good Allah (SWT) has been to us and how bad we have been to Him, and we will then cry out of reverence and humiliation because we have all wronged the only being that must never be wronged, and should never be neglected.

Another reason why we should she tears when remembering Allah (SWT), is when we remember Allah’s (SWT) power and the punishments He has promised the one who transgress His rights, then remember our sins and transgressions against Allah (SWT) so we cry out of fear of Him.

The fear of Allah (SWT) brings many benefits which include:

  • It is something which we have been ordered to do
  • It is a conditions to achieve Eeman
  • It is something that our prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) did
  • It is from the characteristics of the righteous and knowledgeable
  • It helps someone achieve stability and comfort on Earth
  • It pushes someone to do good
  • It is one of the reasons of forgiveness from Allah (SWT)
  • It leads a person to enter paradise
  • It helps someone achieve tranquillity and safety on the day of judgement
  • It is a reason to be rescued from every evil
  • It makes someone to be from the ones which Allah (SWT) has spoken well of in the Qur’an.

To achieve this great attribute of fearing Allah (SWT), we can do the following:

  • Remembering the previous sins we have fallen in
  • Being wary of not fulfilling the obligations
  • Thinking of what will happen on the day of judgement
  • Pondering upon Allah’s (SWT) greatness and ability
  • Looking at how Allah (SWT) speaks about the successful ones and their attributes
  • Pondering upon Allah’s (SWT) words and those of His messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم)
  • Pondering upon death and about its inevitability
  • Pondering upon what comes after death in our graves
  • Pondering upon what will happen when we are resurrected
  • Remembering what Allah (SWT) said about hellfire
  • Pondering upon how we have forgotten our sins but Allah (SWT) has not and will not forget them
  • Knowing that death can approach us suddenly before we have time to repent
  • Remembering the stories of those who have died before us and have had a bad death.

If we really think about what will happen to us and how much we have transgressed, as well as us not knowing if our righteous deeds were accepted or not, we should always be crying from the fear of Allah (SWT). We should also remember the hadeeth of the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) when he said “Two eyes will not be touched by the fire, an eye that cried from the fear of Allah, and an eye that stayed awake guarding for the sake of Allah” Reported in Tirmidhi.

47 thoughts on “A man who remembered Allah in private and his eyes shed tears

  1. thanks uu soooooooooooooooooooo much I cried the whole way through (while reading) with realisation of my wrongdoings. I hope I become the best of human….n thank again May Allah (SWT) FORGIVE ME N U…

      1. Cant believe after 1 year reading again your article and still crying upon Allah s blessing to ME !!!
        Thank you again
        May Allah full our heart with love and peace

    1. The best of human is only one person our dear prophet Mohammed may peace be upon him🤲 And it’s good to cry over Allah swt may he forgive all your sins and grant you Jannah In Shaa Allah🤲❤️

  2. SubhanAllah ! I tried to cry and shed tear out of fear of Allah but I failed@@@ plzzz plzzzz any advise for me?

    1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      It is of no doubt that wanting and trying to cry out of fear of Allah is a good start and I ask Allah to aid you in achieving what is good for you.
      Crying comes from the heart so for someone to cry, their heart needs to be present, and needs to be softened. We see and experience many situations where sometimes something small makes us cry, and sometimes something very powerful does not make us cry. This is due to the presence of our heart in these situations, so when our heart is present, then we are more susceptible to crying.

      If a person wants to cry, then they must realise that this is a gradual process which begins with the presence of the heart, and gradually moves towards the softening of the heart, to finally end in tears rolling from the person’s eyes. Hence if we do not find it easy to cry and we really want to, then we must look to our heart and try to purify it from illnesses and diseases, then follow this up with the softening of the heart which can be achieved by trying to follow some of the bullet points in the article.

      You must also realise that this will not come instantly, and the purification and softening of the heart may take some time so do not feel despair if you are unable to cry today. Take things one step at a time and try to build a relationship with Allah, and then you will see the difference in your heart.

      For further reading, you can look at this link http://islamqa.info/en/46911
      I also highly recommend that you read ibn Al-Qayyim’s book “Spiritual diseases and it’s cures” which unfortunately I cannot find online, but if you find a hardcopy then I recommend you read it as it’s the best I’ve read so far.
      Additionally, there are many books on this link that deal with softening the heart, and one of them deals directly with crying.

      I ask Allah to increase us in humility and raise our ranks with Him

    2. Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem Learn The Signs Of Allah Out Of The Quran & Hadith And Ponder Deeply. Depending On What Allah Ar Rasheed Teaches You When He Shows You That In Creation Its Like A Direct Action From Allah And Then When You Pray And Reflect On It You Will More Than Likely Cry Out Of Awe & Gratitude Allahualim. For Starts Whenever You See A Bee Ant Spider Ect. Read Those Surahs Or Ayat And Try To Ponder What Allah Is Trying To Reveal To You. Search For Hadith Relating To These Ayats Surahs And Situations Also. May Allah Guide You As Salaam Alaikum. Subhana’Allahi Wa Bi’Hamdihi

  3. Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu simply make sajood to Allah Azzawajal in a nafal salah and in it say “oh Allah I love you please love me back” InshaAllah watch what happens next.

  4. I have led a real sad life, been sexually abused by my brother been through domestic violence, im in my 30s still not married and extremely depressed, no good results im stuck…… someone help me Im also a revert muslim

    1. We are very saddened to hear about your circumstances, and pray that Allah (SWT) gives you patience and strength. Remember, Allah tests those whom He loves.

      Unfortunately our communities are not fulfilling the rights or providing enough support for single sisters/mothers, especially those new to Islam – Sisterhood/Brotherhood is an essential part of Islam.

      If you are based in London, we know of a sisters weekly get together if you are interested. It is a group of mainly convert sisters who meet up once a week. If you are based outside of London, we can still forward you the contact details of one of the sisters, and God Willing, you can establish a friendship and have a source of support/advice.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.


    2. Subhannallah.
      Endeavor to continuously say “La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zalimin”
      “Allahumma la sahla illa ma ja’altahu sahlan wa anta taj’alul hazna iza shi’ita sahlan”

  5. Aslam alaikum

    I’m not a good Muslim I don’t pray I’ve committed sins that I’m not proud of.

    I was watching something on the television and out of no where I remembered some of things I’ve done and started crying and asking allah forgiveness. I don’t cry out no reason but I kept saying ‘oh allah please forgive me for my sins’ my question is

    Is it normal for someone like me to cry out of no where with the fear of allah??

    1. walaikum assalam,

      Yes it is perfectly normal to cry out of nowhere. If you crying was out of fear of Allah or due to a matter related to the religion then that is a very good sign that Allah wants good for you and you should use it as a stepping stone for your path back towards Allah. Allah wants good for us and sometimes He gives us signs and pushes us to the right path; all we have to do is continue on that path so make sure you seize this opportunity to return to your Lord, and no better way to do that than beginning to pray as He wants from you.

      You may think this crying came out of nowhere, but I pray that it is actually part of a bigger plan by Allah for you to return to Him, so don’t let this feeling you had when you cried out of the fear of Allah depart from you and never return.

  6. salaam brothers and sisters,
    recently I have been getting really close to Allah, praying 5 times a day and reading Quran multiple times a day. I have noticed something different. From all the other times i prayed, i never really felt a need or something pulling me towards praying besides the fact of having to. But now, I have been getting my family to pray as well, and I have now been praying because I feel like I always willing want to and need all the time I can get with Allah. When i missed out on a prayer i find myself to get really depressed, and every time i hear the mention of Allah i start to cry as I am now. I can’t stop crying and this has been going on for a while now, I have this un-controllable feeling of just wanting to talk to Allah. Does this mean that Allah is maybe happy of me? What does this mean? I’ve never had such a strong desire for getting closer to him even more.
    Also, I am scared for my family( especially my father and sister) since they don not pray unless i push them to and I am scared that the devil is talking to their ear non-stop. Any advice for them to get closer to Allah so one day we can all go to heaven,inshallah?

    Thank you. 🙂

    1. walaikum assalam,

      By being upset when you miss out on a commandment or a good deed, this is a sign that there is Iman in your heart, and as the placing of Iman in a person’s heart is solely controlled by Allah, you should be pleased that Allah has favoured you over others by giving you his feeling of regret when missing out on good. A sign of Allah’s pleasure with His slaves is Him pushing them and enabling them to do good, so if I were you, I’d be very happy and work harder to ensure I always have this strong connection and bond with Allah, by increasing acts of worship and acting upon the things that please Allah.

      As with trying to get your family members to return to Allah, then one thing you can do is implicitly let them see how much of a changed person you are to the better by you regularly praying and returning to Allah, and letting them know the content and happiness that you feel, as well as reminding them that it is such an easy action in comparison to the many tasks we do every day, and that the being that provided us with all of the blessings we are continuously benefiting from deserves more than that.

    2. Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem Learn The Signs Of Allah Out Of The Quran & Hadith And Ponder Deeply. Depending On What Allah Ar Rasheed Teaches You When He Shows You That In Creation Its Like A Direct Action From Allah And Then When You Pray And Reflect On It You Will More Than Likely Cry Out Of Awe & Gratitude Allahualim. For Starts Whenever You See A Bee Ant Spider Ect. Read Those Surahs Or Ayat And Try To Ponder What Allah Is Trying To Reveal To You. Search For Hadith Relating To These Ayats Surahs And Situations Also. May Allah Guide You As Salaam Alaikum. Subhana’Allahi Wa Bi’Hamdihi

  7. yesterday i recited surah An Nisaa’ but suddenly i started became emotional and cried so much when i reach this sentence (An-Nisaa’ 4:19). The meaning is so deep for me. May Allah forgive my mistakes. I would say past sins and fear of Allah and akhirah will trigger the emotions when reading the quran while knowing by heart the meaning of it. Needless to say my burden became lighter and it was shown all over my face. I am happy now after i cried. feeling relieved and de-stress. Thank you Allah.

    And thank you for this post! =)

  8. Salaam alaikum,
    While I was reading the Quran a tear rolled out of my eye and it went down my cheek, I was NOT crying, but I would like to know what this means is it something good or bad, please help me
    Thank you

    1. Wa alaikum assalam.
      Sometimes tears roll down the eyes without you being able to control it. I pray it is a sign of something good as you were engaged in a righteous action

  9. for the last week iv been feeling really ill iv been feeling heavy headed tired scared numb sad depressed agitated anxious and feels like feathers are rubbing on me I’m ok now but it kind of started when I was asking allah to forgive me and help me and im a failure any advise would help

    1. Assalamu alaikum,
      I ask Allah to cure and purify you from all physical and spiritual ailments.
      Being ill is not neessarily a bad thing for the prophet SallaAllahu alayhi wasallam told us that we are not afflicted with anything, even if it be a prick of a thorn, then we are rewarded by Allah and it is an expiation for us. Therefore you becoming ill may even be the answer to your duaa to Allah to forgive you, so He allowed you to become ill to expiate your sins and forgive you. You say you are a failure, but you could just be too hard on yourself, or this illness could also be a reminder for you that all this time before this, you were healthy but didn’t draw closer to Allah, and now you see how difficult it is to do good when you are not feeling well, so this is like a wake up call for you to improve your relationship with Allah.

      Always lool at the state Allah has placed you in, in a positive way because Allah says that all of the affairs of a believer are good so don’t be sad and hold on firm to Allah’s commandments and continue your supplications to Allah

  10. Beautiful. MaShAllah. Exactly what I needed to read. To know that my crying Is not because I’m pessimistic although the persecution of our people makes my heart ache, tears fall without control. My feelings are of fear and hope that I may be worthy of entering his paradise and my gratitude for all his blessings.

    1. The hadith is referring to someone who stays up the night guarding a Muslim army and being on the lookout for any potential dangers

  11. May Allah bless you and all of us Muslims; this happen to me very often . I cry often when I think that I will face Allah one day and specially if I knew that I have commited a sin during the the day. After I pray to Allah sincierly to forgive me. I do cry very often because I sincierly fear Allah .

  12. asa salaamu alaykum alnaasiree
    May Allaah swt reward you with His choicest rewards for the Excellent Dawa work you do here!
    When I don’t see tears during my Salaah, or other worship, I know that my heart is hardening and I will increase my Witr, like saying subhaana Allaahi wa behamdi, subHaana Allahi l athiym 100 times, so my sins are forgiven, and very soon (within a day) my heart will soften and I will weep anew with fear and love of Allaah, alHamadu’lilaah.

  13. When doing salaah today my heart wasn’t really engaged and so I did dua’ to Allaah (SWT) in sujud, Imploring Him to cause me to do such praying as befits His Majesty and Greatness. Immediately my heart clicked in and copious tears welled up in my eyes, and started flowing down my cheeks. I then wept throughout the salaah with full ihsan! Al Humdulilaah!

  14. I recently converted to Islam. It truly is the most beautiful thing I could have done for myself. So many people in the dunya have left me and hurt me in ways that are indescribable however allah has never stopped loving me or left me. He has loved me on days when I truly didn’t love myself. I cry every time I think of him or talk to him or pray because I feel bad for letting him down when I sin. I’m striving so hard to be righteous and humble and to be a servant of him. i have a hard time some days bc everything I’m studying is off the internet. Unfortunately due to some legal issues I am not able to get out a meet other Muslim people so I do rely on allah and the internet to guide me. This is a powerful passage here and as I read it….yes I do fear Allah and my choices at times bc what I’m looking for is one day to reach Jannah so that I will one day see Allah and can forever be with him after this temporary dunya is over. Alhamdulilah for all his many blessings. I love you Allah

  15. I felt so good after reading this. Currently i haven’t been a good Muslim. i have been doing a lot of evil things which i will not mention. But after reading this i feel reconnected to Allah(SWT).
    Thank you for this post.

    1. I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find the comment you are referring to. I do not see any pending comments awaiting approval

  16. SubhanAllah ! Thank you Allah you are the greatest ,thank you Allah for all the many blessings Good health and forgive me my sins Amen 🙏🏼

  17. I wanted to ask a question say you was upset because you sister doesn’t treat you the why she does with other sister and you end up tearing out and end up taking behind her back is it a sin.

    1. Talking behind the back of your brother/sister in something they disapprove of or don’t like to hear, is a form of backbiting, which is a sin. If someone does this, they should mention the good qualities of that person in the same gathering they spoke badly of them in. They should make duaa for them and ask Allah to accept their repentance. Backbiting is essentially you giving your good deeds to that person, so if someone doesn’t treat you well, the last thing you want is to give them your good deeds. If you cannot get them to stop the bad treatment, then try and avoid them, and know that Allah is rewarding you for your patience. If they are taking away from your right, then Allah will give it back to you on the day of judgement, in a way that is better than having this right in this dunya

  18. By religious standards, I am only a “Muslim” by name. I do not pray a single prayer out of all five every day, I cannot recall the last time that I have opened the Quran, I lie and get into arguments often. The only thing that I do that can be considered remotely Islamic is that I fast during the month of Ramadan. However, I know this is definitely not enough and is not even accepted due to my neglect of prayer and other Islamic duties. I have been struggling with depression and feelings of anger for about three years now, mainly because of family issues and things not going the way I planned. Every time I am faced with a major problem I remember Allah and tears start flowing out of my eyes, yet I don’t make dua neither do I ask anything of Him and I don’t know why. Every now and then I feel like I want to repent and turn back to Allah, but it feels like a difficult burden to get up and complete even just one prayer, let alone all 5. And I get worried that during that stage I am still vulnerable to giving up and going back to my old ways, that is a demotivating factor too. I don’t know where I stand to be honest. Like I said, I neglect my Islamic obligations yet I still remember Allah and his absolute influence over my life sometimes. Do I still have iman in my heart? And if so, how can I take baby steps towards growing that iman and start praying again?

    1. Assalamu alaikum,

      The fact you constantly ponder over repentance and turning back to Allah is a sign that you still have iman in your heart and that the shaytan has not been successful in taking full control over you, so you should praise Allah for this blessing.
      As you have highlighted, the most important thing for you now is to focus on returning to doing the 5 daily prayers. Try taking it easy and maybe start with at least one a day, with the intention of picking it up to 5 a day as soon as you are able to. A key thing in ensuring you take baby steps towards improvement is to surround yourself with good company. Your companions will undoubtedly have a big influence on you so try and cut off those who pull you down religiously, and focus on maintaining or making companions with those who pull you up. This is not just physical friends, but also virtual ones, so includes those whom you contact online, as well as the YouTube videos you may watch. The key thing is to ensure you watch things that pull you up. Nowadays there are so many entertaining videos which are also useful so it’s a matter of finding a theme/approach that is appealing to you.

      Another important thing is to maintain your connection with Allah. Try to speak to Allah on a daily basis, even if it is just a 2 second duaa, e.g. ya Allah help me to do xyz. This connection with Allah will be your saviour so don’t neglect it, and it’s one of the easiest tasks to do. Don’t let shaytan deceive you and tell you you need to do xyz before speaking with Allah, or that you are not worthy, or that you can only do it during a specific time or state, or that it has to be a long duaa. Do it anytime in any language and anywhere, even for 2 seconds, but ensure you do not lose this connection. From Allah’s names is Altawab, which means that He is constantly there for you awaiting you to turn to Him, and alhamdulillah He has not allowed you to be completely overtaken by the shaytan or to be cut off from Him, so all that is required from you is to turn to Him and ask Him to guide you. He is there for you, ready to answer your duaa.
      Do it now…

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