New Series on the morning and evening supplications

Alhamdulillah, after a long break, we will be beginning a new series on this blog. By the will of Allah, we will begin discussing the morning and evening supplications so that we can better understand them and gain maximum benefit from them. Please see the introductory post here, and watch this space for a weekly update by the will of Allah

Hadith 42. The vastness of Allah’s forgiveness

Hadith 42. The vastness of Allah’s forgiveness has now been added to the blog. By the grace of Allah, this now completes the commentary on the 40 nawawi ahadith. I hope you have benefitted from them as I have immensely benefitted from them and felt them to be life changing, and apologies for the frequent interruptions/breaks in terms of sending the commentary. The next step for this commentary is to try to make it into a pdf booklet after the checking and editing process is complete. As for next steps for this blog, I ask Allah to give us the ability to start a new project after this, though that has not been finalised yet. If you have any ideas, please bring them forward.

JazakumAllah khair